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Meekleurend (Photochromic)



Polished Chrome – Positive Red Iridium


Piloten, Rechthoekig


Oakley Plaintiff Squared Sunglasses

The squared lens shape is a flashback to the ’50s, and color-filled stem detailing gives Plaintiffâ„¢ Squared all its contemporary cool. This comfortably lightweight C-5 alloy frame is engineered with leading-edge technologies including High Definition Optics® and titanium Mono Shock hinges inspired by the leaf springs of racecars. You’ll have all the clarity and comfort you crave, along with an edgy look that earns the icon of original style.

Detailing gives Plaintiff Squared its unique look. We sculpted a shallow channel along the length of the earstems then filled them with color a specially chosen hue for each frame color. The frame itself required five metal compounds and a blazing furnace because that’s what it takes to achieve the phenomenal strength-to-weight ratio of Oakley C-5 alloy. Maintaining a comfortable fit, the Mono Shock hinges are like shock absorbers, and they allow the stems to hyper-flex when necessary.

We’re offering Plaintiff Squared in a number of renditions, including designs with the glare-stopping power of premium HDPolarized lenses. Editions with Iridium® lens coating further reduce glare while balancing light transmission. All our lenses are made of optically pure Plutonite® that filters out 100% of all UV, not just UVA and UVB. (FYI: If you weren’t born with perfect eyes, you can get this frame with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses. See your eye care professional about the prescription range and premium options.)


  • Durable yet comfortably lightweight frame made of Oakley C-5 alloy
  • Mono Shock hinges for a comfortably secure fit that allows the earstems to hyper-flex when necessary
  • Comfort and performance of Three-Point Fit that holds lenses in precise optical alignment
  • Unique stem color fill


  • Extended peripheral view and side coverage of 8.75 base lens geometry
  • Protection of Plutonite® lens material that filters out 100% of all UVA, UVB, UVC and harmful blue light up to 400nm
  • Minimized glare via technology that produces the best polarized lenses on the planet: HDPolarized optics (optional)
  • Glare reduction and balanced light transmission of Iridium® lens coating (optional)
  • Available with Oakley Authentic Prescription Lenses: Single Vision

tekst: oakley.com

Ontdek Oakley

Oakley zonnebrillen en sportbrillen behoren bij de top van de zonnebrillenwereld. Het merk is in 1975 opgericht door Jim Jannard.
Zo heeft Oakley meer dan 800 patenten voor zijn producten en zijn ze steeds op zoek naar speciale designs en technieken om hun unieke zonnebrillen sterk te verbeteren. Het is dus niet voor niets dat veel topsporters speciaal kiezen voor een sportbril van het merk Oakley.
De meeste zonnebrillen en sportbrillen van Oakley kunnen ook op uw eigen brilsterkte gemaakt worden. De brillen worden dan met originele glazen van Oakley compleet bij het Oakley RX Lab gemaakt.
Bij ons in de winkel in Nederweert en op www.zonnebrillenshop.nl vindt u één van de grootste Oakley collectie van Nederland.

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